A proud representative of generation Z, with the soul of an old batty woman, I'm Lea and I kinda dig making all kinds of art. 
You could say creative expression is my thang. From acting, writing, designing, photographing, painting, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs to Celine Dion, I’ve always been a creative individual with the wildest imagination.
I pride myself on being an individual who stands out from the crowd by being a little weird. I find joy in the smallest things and am deeply affected by life and all it brings due to my very sensitive nature.
Welcome to my online portfolio, showcasing only the best I have to offer to anyone requiring my services. After receiving 5 distinctions in high school and completing my degree in Motion Picture Medium, this little lady is ready for the daunting world of the 'struggling artist'.     
Photo: Branix Media
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