Film recognizes neither time nor space, only the limits of man's imagination
Official Film on Omeleto

A New York University Thesis Production 2019
Written & directed by Talia Smith
Produced by Nora Zubizarreta, Ellie Dworkin, Kira Wolf, Lea Sharples & Steph Smith

The Iconoclast
Fashion Film

A Josh Dylan Production
Executive Producer Josh Dylan, Production Manager Lea Sharples, Cinematography By Abo Booi

Two ADFA Graduate Productions 2018
Written & Directed by Marista Van Eeden, Produced by Lea Sharples​​​​​​​
Silent Men
Official Trailer
A young woman fails to help a wounded man after previously being sexually assaulted by another man in her life.
She finds herself haunted by her assailant and thereafter, the man she never helped. 
She eventually faces her past in order to move forward with her life, becoming a participating member of society.
Behind the Scenes
Official Trailer
While impatiently waiting for a traffic light to turn green, a young student makes eye contact with a despondent Pantsula dancer. 
Their gaze becomes the stage on which empathy is explored. Yet, when reality intervenes we wonder, is empathy enough?

Behind the Scenes
Writing & Directing
Showreel 1st & 2nd Year

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