Artist: Outcry
Produced & directed by Lea's Lens
Shot by Dumisa Rankin
Starring Ryan Mandy & Kelly de Aguiar
Modern Marie
Artist: Hilary Duff - Reach Out
Produced, styled & edited by Lea's Lens
Shot by Nicholas Robert Brown & Dumisa Rankin
Starring Suzi Visser, Kyla Grace, Robyn Eastes & Nix Shepstone
Umama Behind the Scenes
Shot by Lea's Lens
Edited by Mark Haines
Director: Talia Smith
Wedding Video
Artist: Jacob Lee - I Belong to You
Edited by Lea's Lens
Shot by Dumisa Rankin & Jordan Pascoe​​​​​​​
Novatree Pictures Social Experiment
Alexander Verbaan
Produced & edited by Lea's Lens
Shot by Joshua Bull
Interview of Pantsula Dancers
Produced by Lea's Lens for Novatree Pictures
Shot by Joshua Bull
Mark Haines
Sound recorded by Kevin Strydom
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